Fly and mosquito products guaranteed to repel stable flies, horn flies, deer flies, mosquitoes, ticks.

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Are You Using the Fly and Mosquito Products Voted No. 1 by Vets and Horsemen?


Your horses deserve fly and mosquito products that work just as hard as they do. There is no need to settle for the typical flying insect controls that are on the market today.

"Fly sprays are all the same and the best horse always wins."

We would like to think this, but it's simply not true. All fly sprays and mosquito products are not the same and sometimes the best horse does not win. 

The one fly repellant the horse industry turns to for serious flying insect controls is B-Free of Flies.

In the horse world, it's easy to spot the winners. It's no different with fly repellant. With one application, you know how effective it is or isn't. The money you invest on fly and mosquito products must bring maximum results.


Take Control with Effective 
Fly and Mosquito Products

For over 29 years, we have outfitted farm and ranch management, breeding farms, trainers and horse enthusiasts nationwide with unbeatable flying insect controls. B-Free of Flies lives up to its name.

Unfortunately, many equestrians have come to expect fly spray and mosquito products to last a few minutes, maybe an hour, to give their horses a brief break from stomping at flies and running from mosquitoes. 

We hear just the opposite about B-Free of Flies. Our customers write at least once a week to tell us how our fly and mosquito products eliminate their fly problems.



Deadly To Insects

It's so effective, we guarantee our product is the one fly spray that really does protect your horses. EPA approved , it's great for the horse industry‚Ķ and the benefits are extensive. 

Horse owners love its effectiveness as a grooming aid and coat conditioner.

Use B-Free of Flies Flying Insect Controls to

  • Kill and repel stable flies, horn flies, deer flies, mosquitoes, and gnats

  • Kill and repel ticks, fleas and lice

  • Use it for house fly controls

  • Eliminate harmful diseases carried by mosquitoes, ticks and flies

  • Save money with fewer applications

  • Add a beautiful sheen to your horse's coat


"We have used B-Free Of Flies for the last 4 years, prior to that we had tried many other products and could not find anything that worked to our satisfaction.
This is truly a great product."

Judy Ford
Ford Farms
Las Vegas, NV


Our Fly Spray Performs... So Your Horse Can, Too

Make sure your breeding barn, training stable or family horses are free of flies. Get the facts, then
get the fly and mosquito products that guarantee unparalleled results.


We use B-FreeOfFlies on our horses!

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